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Week of: February 2-6

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Weekly Theme:  We will be exploring the letter "U" and number 7 this week.  We will also be introducing clocks and working on the concept of time.

We will be learning through movement, using fine motor skills (writing and reading), math and science, creative art, and dramatic play. 

Your child will look forward to participating in games such as the hokey pokey and sticker tag (outdoors :)), making tiny umbrellas and underwater scenes, matching colors, and creating their very own clock.

This week, the weather gives us a bit of a turn and it is expected to be wet and rainy. Tuesday looks like it might be a dry day. We will make an effort to get outdoors during any break in the rain we get so we will be modifying our schedule daily based on dry periods. Because our back yard is a bit swampy, rain coats (water proof) and rubber boots will be especially helpful at keeping your kiddos clean and dry. During this week, it is especially important that I have an extra set of clothes on hand in case your little one decides to investigate puddles 

Enjoy your week and thank you for allowing me the blessing to be a part of your child’s growing up experience!


Week of: January 26-30th

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Welcome to our week!

Weekly Theme: Letter “J”; rectangle shapes; and exploring our pets

By the end of the week, your child should be able to recognize the letter “J” and demonstrate one of the sounds that “J” makes. We will be learning about rectangles and discussing how rectangles are different than squares. Exploring our pets and learning about how we can take care of our pets will be fun for all this week!

As our group is growing, I have been able to add in more pieces to our preschool time. I have added movement, fine motor skills, and math to our weekly learning over the course of the past couple of months. All of the kiddos are enjoying the additional activities and I have loved watching them learn. At this time, I will be adding more components to our circle time. We will be adding a daily welcome song, doing a daily attendance roll call, learning our calendar, and talking about our weather each day in circle time. Circle time provides vital learning skills such as how to sit still and calm for short periods of time and how to take turns talking as well as provides more structure and predictability to our day. I hope your little one enjoys circle time as much as I do!

We are being blessed with warmer than usual temperatures this week and NO RAIN  Please help me keep our little ones enjoying the outdoors by providing appropriate clothing and shoes each day.

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of working with your little ones! Have a safe and happy week.


Week of August 11-15

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"F" is for fun and we will be having so much FUN this week :)

Learning about our bodies (faces and feet), some music and body movement games, and a fire drill are all going to help us learn about our world this week.  We will be bringing home foot prints, some feather art, and some fish!!!-- (don't worry....these fish will not require food!)

It will be warm all week .... highs in the mid to high 80s... please dress your kiddos for sunshine and play :)

Week of August 4- August 8

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Hi there! So sorry I missed a week!

Weekly Theme: Ants, Ovals, and the letter "E".... Oh My!

You and your child will be delighted with learning about how shapes, letters, and nature bring joy to our world! Thumbprints, stick crafts, some math, and of course... bringing the outdoors in will all be a part of our learning this week!

Again, please keep in mind that the weather is going to be toasty warm this week and dress your young ones for play outdoors.

Just a reminder... I do not operate on "open-close" hours. Each family is unique and enjoys their own "contracted" schedule which includes the hours that their family visits with our group. I strive to be flexible to urgent and last minute changes but I do need to be aware if there is a change to your schedule ASAP as I make my schedule according to your contracted days/hours. Please be advised that I may not be able to accomodate your changes if I do not know of them in advance. Any changes to your contracted hours/days may result in fees in addition to your contracted weekly rate. Thank you for your understanding and partnership in creating the best possible Foundations for your child and family :)

Week of July 14- July 18

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Welcome to my newest tool to keep my families updated on what to expect for the upcoming week.  You can look forward to reading about the upcoming week and what to expect for your child... updated information will be posted for the following week each Sunday.

Weekly Theme:  Letter "B", Letter "C", and circles.  Look forward to collages, fruit bowling, making personal pizzas in a circle shape, playing with "coffee sand,"  and confetti art. :)

It is going to be hot, hot, HOT this week with temps in the upper 90s and even 100 on Tuesday.  As usual, it will be a crisp 70 inside but the high temps may limit our outdoor play time.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Please look for an update to the "daily schedule" coming soon.  I updated to more closely mirror the schedule that seems to work the best for our group.


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Welcome to the Foundations blog page!  If your child is enrolled, you will find general weekly information here.  Please be patient as I learn this new world of blogs :)

I will be updating as often as necessary/possible.