Our menu rotates on a weekly schedule with 4 complete weeks of menus.  This is our week 1 menu.  Our home is gluten free and all menu items are made with a whole grain gluten free baking flour.  I believe in creating an experience centered around our meals and strive to make meal times a place of peaceful enjoyment.  We often create our meals together and enjoy cooking and baking as an activity.  

week 1

 homemade pumpkin muffin; fresh berries; milk
 nachos:  baked corn tortilla wedges; black beans and cheese; corn; peach cubes; milk
 pizza chicken; gluten free pasta; apple slices; roasted broccoli; milk
 homemade chex trail mix

 oatmeal with cream and coconut sugar; baked apples; milk
 pizza chicken; whole grain brown rice; melon cubes; steamed cauliflower with cheese; milk
 mississippi pot roast; homemade buttermilk biscuits; steamed corn; grapes; milk
 corn tortilla roll ups with cream cheese and cinnamon; milk

 scrambled eggs; roasted potato wedges; milk
 BBQ beef sandwich on homemade bread; homemade coleslaw; pear slices with cinnamon; milk
 baked chicken with homemade waffles; warm peaches; mashed potatoes; milk
 toast on homemade bread; banana slices

 homemade biscuits; fresh berries; milk
 pizza on homemade crust; pineapple cubes; steamed carrots with ranch dip; milk
 soft shelled tacos with seasoned beef; shredded romaine; tomato slices; cheddar cheese; grapes; milk
 homemade yogurt with fresh fruit

 buttermilk pancakes; banana; milk
 taco salad with baked corn tortilla wedges; romaine salad; tomato slices; seasoned beef; fresh berries; milk
 homemade meat loaf; corn muffins; steamed veggies; apple crisp; milk
 cheese slices and fruit salad