Each day and each child are unique so while we have a daily schedule, the activities of the day may vary. 

7:30 AM:  Quiet independent play (books; coloring; blocks; etc)


8:30-9 AM:  Breakfast


9 AM:  Outside activity /organized free play for toddlers (center play based on weekly theme)



10:30-11:30 AM:  Structured preschool curriculum (Mother Goose Preschool) includes formal instruction and arts and crafts


11:30 AM:  Yoga (creative kids)


Noon-12:30 PM:  Lunch


12:30-1 PM:  Quiet time (this will continue for the duration of nap time for those preschoolers who do not nap)


1-3 PM:  Nap time


3:30 PM:  Snack


3:30-4:30 PM:  Outdoor play (weather permitting.... if unable to go outside; we do large motor skill activities indoors)


4:30-5:30 PM:  Free play


5:30 PM:  Dinner

6 PM:  firm closure